03 February 2010

Issac's - Hershey, Harrisburg, Linglestown

Overall Rating: Great Lunch Spot!
Highlight: Clear and Flexible Menu, Low Prices, Yummy Soup
Lowlight: No Egg Salad
Veggie Note: Everything on this menu that is vegetarian is clearly listed and they will accommodate most requests

I know it's been a while since I last posted, things have been busy, computers have been dying. There are no guarantees that I'll be posting again real soon, but I thought I would drop a note in here about Issac's as I have been frequenting them for lunch lately.

Issac's Restaurant & Deli is a semi-chain establishment with 20 locations throughout Dauphin, Lancaster, Cumberland, York, Berks and Chester counties. The atmosphere is casual and "birdy" (you'll have to go to understand) and the three locations I have been to (Hershey, Harrisburg and Linglestown) have all been clean and bright. The service is usually super friendly, quick and accommodating. The menu is loaded with soups, sandwiches and salads, not just greens but also pasta, potato, fruit salads, etc... The only disappointment, which is not an issue for vegan readers here, is that they have no egg salad. That's something I love to get at a deli style restaurant like this. The sandwiches come in a variety of pretzel rolls, wraps, french breads, and more and they even have a gluten free option (but you have to add 50 cents to the cost). There are only a few sandwiches actually marked vegetarian on the menu (look for little palm tree symbols) but there are a few that could easily be made with substitutions and still be great. They will also always sub out cheese for another vegetable options. They specifically say on their website that "substitutions are not a problem." Their soup menu changes daily, but they publish a soup calendar online and the servers are pretty knowledgeable about what the base of the soup is each day. They always have their pepperjack tomato soup which does have a vegetarian base. For those who eat fish, there are crab cake sandwiches as well.

I had the following today:


  • Pickle Bar Assortment - every table gets a bowl of assorted pickled vegetables. It usually has traditional pickle slices and then you'll find different extras every time. I've had pickled cauliflower, celery, fresh cucumbers, red pepper strips, carrots, pepperocinis and maybe others I've forgotten about. Super tasty if you like pickles.
  • Pepperjack Tomato Soup - I love this soup. I've had it many times now and it never disappoints me. The tomato soup is not watery or thin, it actually has small bits of pureed tomato in it so it is hearty and filling to eat. It is loaded with pepperjack cheese and has tasty croutons on top. The base is mushroom broth (don't tell your mushroom hating friends - you can't smell or taste that anyway)

  • My lunch companion had Wisconsin Smoked Cheddar Soup - Also vegetarian based, this soup had pieces of potato, carrot, onion and red pepper in a creamy soup with a pile of cheddar cheese on top. It needed a little salt, but that's good for those who want to salt to taste anyway.

  • Crab Cake Slider - I also veered into my occasional fish eating mode and tried this little sandwich. The pretzel roll is amazing. I wanted to mention that because there is a portabella sandwich on a pretzel roll that I would like to try in the future because the roll is great!!! The crab cakes are okay, in case you are interested.

They do have a dessert menu. I have never partaken since I'm always there for lunch and full pretty quickly.

Just a few other notes:
All sandwiches come with mixed yummy potato chips (gold, blue, sweet, and regular) which you can substitute for baked chips or applesauce according to the menu.
They also have a great selection of bottled organic teas, Dr. Brown's sodas, fresh brewed assorted teas, etc...
Also - pay attention to their posters on the door on the way in. They have some great specials. Before Christmas they had a cup of soup and half sandwich or small salad for only $5 for a whole month. Today, all the soups were just $2.99, even if you ordered a large bowl (we did and took home the extras for another meal later).

Final Thoughts: I love a good deli, especially when I always know there will be a vegetarian soup available. Soup gets me through the winter. I have pointed out to them how unusual it is that they don't have egg salad. The servers always politely agree, but I don't think I will single-handedly get them to add that to their menu. I totally recommend this as a lunch spot for vegetarians and guarantee non-veggies will find something to eat as well. Enjoy!

12 December 2008

Haydn Zugs - East Petersburg

Overall Rating: A Good Choice for a Special Occasion
Highlight: Very Willing to Accommodate
Lowlight: Holy High Prices
Veggie Note: There area few vegetarian dishes on the lunch and dinner menu and the chef is willing to prepare you anything

My office had our holiday party here. It's a little bit of a drive from Harrisburg, but a really nice spot for a special occasion dinner with family, friends or a loved one.

Haydn Zugs is an upscale dining establishment set in a colonial style old general store. The tables were set with beautiful holiday pewter chargers and individual pewter bread plates and butter dishes when we arrived. They checked our coats and were very fast with drink service (Each ice tea, etc... came with a little refill carafe to keep your drink fresh, and the server was quick to top off everybody's drinks for them as she made her way around the table). The menu is extensive. There were separate lunch and dinner menus included in the same book, along with an extensive wine list. There is a vegetarian sandwich on the lunch menu and also an entree on the dinner menu. Both are non-descriptive and suggest they are at the whim of the chef that day, however the waitress told me she thought the sandwich was usually a portobello mushroom creation. That seemed unoriginal to me, considering the creativity of many of the other dishes on the menu so I continued searching for something else. There is a very forward statement on the menu that the chef is willing to accommodate any requests for adaptations for dishes or even create something new, particularly in regards to vegetarian meals.

I had the following:

  • Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls - A variety of rolls were placed on the table once we ordered our food. They were warm and fresh and delicious. There were definitely some standard white bread rolls mixed in, but I had one with poppy and sesame seeds and another with flax seeds. They were great. I should also note here that everyone had their own cute little pewter butter dish, so no worries about not having enough. I am a butter lover so this was great for me.
First Course:
  • Spinach Salad - typically comes with bacon so I asked for it without that, but the sweet and sour dressing is not made with the bacon, so I was able to get that still. The salad was great with fresh spinach, mushrooms, croutons, grape tomatoes, and more. I should note that the first grape tomato I ate was like a little tomato popsicle. None of the others were frozen so I don't know if that one was just too close to the cold air in the fridge or if they freeze all of their tomatoes, but everything else tasted very fresh.

Entrees (what we created anyway):

  • Cup of Soup with a Half Sandwich of the Day - So I really wanted soup, it was a chilly day. Much to my disappointment none of the soups were vegetarian however (The Cheesy Chowder sounded so good, but was made with chicken stock). So I got this dish, but just ordered a whole sandwich instead of half to replace the missing soup. The sandwich of the day was an egg salad on brioche. The egg salad had a little chipotle seasoning in it which was a nice touch. The brioche was very tasty, but they were small rolls, so I actually got two little sandwiches (I imagine the half sandwich would have been just one whole little sandwich in reality this day). Because of this, I felt like it was a little too much bread and not enough filling. It reminded me of those "slider" sandwiches you see popping up at chain restaurants these days. The dish was served with a pickle and homemade potato chips. The chips were great, light and crispy, not heavy and oily the way some homemade chips can be. Overall this was a very satisfying lunch dish.


  • Yule Log - okay they had a much fancier name for this dish but it was a special so I couldn't pull it off the online menu and there was no way I could get it right. It was a flour-less chocolate cake rolled like a yule log, with white and regular chocolate mousse inside. The whole things was coated in dark chocolate ganache and then served in a pool of a really nice cream sauce of some sort. It also came decorated with a little tree cookie and a meringue mushroom (my mother used to make these toadstool looking confections every year for the Holidays - I have never seen them anywhere else in my entire life - so strange to run into them here). This was a delicious dessert. The mousse was really nice. The cake didn't seem as flour-less as it was claimed to be, but it didn't really take away from the overall dessert.

Just a few other notes: It doesn't seem like they often have a vegetarian soup option, this is something they could improve on for certain this time of year.

They dessert menu was several pages long, plus specials not on the menu, so save yourself some room. You will definitely find something that jumps out at you. They had something with butter cashew ice cream that I almost couldn't pass up, a great looking creme brulee, several cakes, cheese cakes, and lots of other gourmet treats.

I was ordering wine for a pretty eclectic group of folks, and I would have preferred to make a selection from some local wines (which they did not have) but I did take some time to review the extensive list and not being satisfied with the descriptions, i asked to speak to someone about the wine list. They immediately found their wine buyer and she came and went through the list with me and also went into the basement and brought up some selections in my price range that weren't even on the list. It was really nice to get that kind of attention.

Final Thoughts: Okay, so they don't specialize in vegetarian fare specifically, but the servers and the chef are all pretty well versed on their meals and their ingredients. I ate with confidence here and felt like I had lots of choices to make. It's also nice to be encouraged to make substitutions and special requests, something some restaurants make you regret with their bad attitudes. This would be a real special treat to take a special someone or for your visiting family over the holidays.

13 October 2008

Tokyo Diner - Harrisburg

Overall Rating: Good but Weird
Highlight: A Vegetarian Chef's Special Roll
Lowlight: Ambiance Not So Hot
Veggie Note: Appearances can be deceiving I guess, but what a treat to have a special roll that was totally vegetarian and right off the menu

Still on a quest for good vegetarian sushi, and this time looking for a place with a hibachi grill for a friend as well (meat eaters - go figure).

Tokyo Diner has multiple locations in the Harrisburg (Central PA) region. They have both a sushi menu, hibachi menu and a few other assorted things. The location we went to, Londonderry Rd in Harrisburg, came across as sort of a dive when we pulled up. It was a little disconcerting and we had some doubts about what we were about to eat. The waitress really struggled with English (we tried to order a Dr. Pepper and she looked at us like we were crazy, I told her it was a kind of soda and she stared right through me like a window pane - we settled for coke, which she knew). FYI - the iced tea was iced green tea, which was good, but not listed that way on the menu, just one of a few Tokyo Diner surprises. The booth we sat in had broken benches and the inside decor wasn't too much nicer than the outside appearances.

We had the following:

  • Cucumber Salad - There was no indication on the menu of this one, so we were surprised when it came. None of us really ate it because it came with pieces of crab meat mixed in. I picked out a few pieces of cucumber just to try it. It mostly tasted like vinegar, there were a few sesame seeds mixed in. Nothing special as far as we could tell.
  • Edemame - These were fine, needed added salt. They were strangely served upside down (in the shell waste bowl with a plate on top) It kind of gave you the idea that the waitress never had to serve this dish before.
Entrees (what we created anyway):
  • Tamago Sushi - tasted fine, the egg looked a little pale
  • Inari Sushi - pretty standard, good
  • Oshinko Sushi - we custom ordered this, it was listed as a roll option, but to avoid excess seaweed (for those opposed to that sort of thing) we requested it presented as two pieces of sushi instead and they were fine to accommodate that.
  • Chef's Special Green Roll - Here was the treat of the evening. It's very rare to find a chef's special roll on the menu that is entirely vegetarian. This was a spinach roll (also something rare) wrapped in thinly sliced avocado (like a dragon roll) and no seaweed! It was very tasty. Everyone at the table tried it and liked it a lot.
  • Futo Maki Roll - my non-vegetarian weakness kicking in again (this one has crab in it). I do like a good futo maki roll. This one was okay. I have to mention that I ordered a side of spicy mayonnaise. This was one of the best spicy mayonnaise concoctions I have ever had. Instead of the standard smooth and creamy dip, this was chunky with the bits of hot pepper that was also in the hot sauce they served with the hibachi dishes. It was clearly mixed up by hand and was super spicy. Yum!
  • Steak Hibachi - With just onions and broccoli (it was a little too much for our meat eatin' friend - but probably not too much for someone who really loves broccoli - it was good broccoli). It turns out they also put onions in the fried rice so there was also an abundance of onions. The fried rice was really good and the steak was "full of flavor and so tender that it melted in your mouth." That's a meatatarian quote if I have ever seen one. Some other nonsense about no fatty deposits, blah blah gross whatever. There was a desperate attempt made to order it prepared spicy, the waitress said she would bring a side of hot sauce, which ended up needing to be two sides of hot sauce by the time the dish was done. Oh - and this dish was supposed to come with either soup and a salad. The default soup was clear soup, not miso, and the waitress totally forgot to serve it until after she brought the entrees and we reminded her.

Just a few other notes:

I think I added all of my thoughts throughout this time. None of us noticed a bar here (we weren't really looking) but I'm pretty sure it's alcohol free there.

Final Thoughts: So in the end I have to preach the old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover." I wouldn't bring a first date here or encourage a fine dinner here before prom, but the food turned out to be pretty good. There were still no vegetarian specific "entrees" but there was plenty to choose from anyway and we had a good time trying that green roll.

08 October 2008

What does good vegetarian sushi look like?

Just a quick aside note...
Sorry we have been out of town and haven't eaten anywhere local lately to review. While we were gone, we went to one of our favorite sushi spots ever, Aoyama in Erie, PA. Strange part of the world for sushi, yes I know, but they do it great! They have a great Vegetarian Sushi Platter, Veggie Roll Platter and lots of vegetarian a la carte options. Here are two pictures of what we ordered. Aside from tasting great, they also put a lot of effort into presentation, neatness and creativity. So for all of you sushi loving vegetarians in Harrisburg, demand better - it does exist!

27 September 2008

El Rodeo -Colonial Park

Overall Rating: I'm Just Not Sure
Highlight: Chile Rellenos
Lowlight: Mushy, Runny, Bland
Veggie Note: There's a large section on the menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes. Lot's of choices, but there's a lot of repeating elements just in different combinations. Still, cool that they have a vegetarian menu.

We have driven past El Rodeo (several of them) multiple times, and we laugh at the name every time. We finally decided to give it a try, despite the fact that it seemed just a bit too phony to be authentic.

El Rodeo is a local Mexican Restaurant chain (claims to be the first authentic Mexican restaurant in the Harrisburg area). The restaurants are very "themed" looking and boast a rotating schedule of live Mariachi music (not the night we ate there). The menu is large and looks a lot like the menu of many other "authentic" Mexican restaurants that we have been to in Pennsylvania. Lists of combination dinners, a section of specialties, some a la carte stuff and of course beans and rice served with most dishes. The whole place was brightly colored and the staff were all mostly Spanish speaking with moderate English speaking skills.

We had the following:

  • Chips & Salsa - it came as no surprise to us that we were served this standard Mexican restaurant starter. Chips and salsa were both fresh. Watch out, the side order menu says a second basket will cost you $1.25, no free refills here!


  • Vegetarian #5 One authentic cheese chile relleno, cheese enchilada, rice and beans - The relleno was good, the sauce was interesting, almost reminiscent of some kind of Indian curry. It must have been a spice they used, but I couldn't pick it out. The enchilada didn't blow me away, I almost forgot what it was that I was eating. Melted cheese in a tortilla, the only thing that really makes that an enchilada would be good enchilada sauce, and the sauce here was just sauce. No spicy, not particularly flavorful, ho hum. Beans and rice were beans and rice. The beans here were very runny. Same as they were in the Mexican joint we used to haunt in our last home town, so maybe that is "authentic," at least for Pennsylvania standards.
  • Vegetarian #9 Plato de Chile Auténtico - basically two chile rellenos. My partner really enjoyed these, saying they were better than most. So that's good I guess. They were tender, and fried very nice. Not at all spicy though.
  • Combination #4 Two hard beef tacos, one beef enchilada and one chile con queso - our favorite non-vegetarian friend (who is becoming more and more vegetarian everyday - hooray!) ordered this, with cheese over the enchilada instead of enchilada sauce. There was kind of a rather confusing exchange with the waitress, who was having a hard time understanding the special request, and a lot of specific questions in general. It came with out enchilada sauce, but the cheese sauce was poured all over the plate (except for on top of the enchilada - I don't know how they managed to miss it, the whole plate was flooded.) The crunchy tortilla under the chile con queso was really soggy as a result. The server who brought our food didn't mind bringing out a crunchy replacement, but it was kind of stale (maybe that's why they flooded the first one?) Did I mention our dear friend is from Texas? "Authentic" obviously translates a little different down there. There were no blue ribbons being given on the meat-eatin side of the table.

Just a few other notes:

In general we had a little trouble communicating with our server when it came to specific questions about dishes and special requests. Ordering straight off the menu, however, was no problem.

They do have a full bar here, we ordered margaritas on the rocks and they were pretty good.

I checked out using a credit card, at the cashier's station near the exit. I was asked about how much I wanted to tip verbally, not given a chance to write it on the receipt myself. I don't like that method at all. It doesn't give you time to think and puts a lot of pressure on you in general, so anyway, just be prepared for that.

Final Thoughts: We like Mexican food, but we're pretty much limited in scope to Pennsylvania's finest. Perhaps a trip down south would ruin PA Mexican for us forever. This really wasn't a bad spot for a vegetarian. Here were tons more choices here then we were used to, and the prices were pretty reasonable (except the chip refill charge). I just wish they went a little further with spice and flavor. And be weary of making special request, the language barrier could result in a non-vegetarian result.

24 September 2008

Gilligan's Bar & Grill - Colonial Park

Overall Rating: Good For Appetizers/Bar Food
Highlight: Smoked Gouda Quesadilla
Lowlight: Not so many dinner options
Veggie Note: There were lots of really unique and interesting appetizers to choose from that were vegetarian, but not so many entrees

We chose to eat dinner here on our way to Colonial Park for grocery shopping. We heard great reviews of the seafood here once and hoped that quality would translate into their vegetarian options as well.

Gilligan's is a sports bar style joint with a relatively large dining room, serving mostly traditional American fare (they claim steak, pasta, seafood). Walking into Gilligan's for the first time, it seemed obvious that this place would have once been billowing with cigarette smoke but is now smoke free thanks to the PA smoking ban. It was a very odd sensation to be in a smoke free sports bar, but much appreciated since we were there for dinner (smoke and food don't usually sit well together for me). We went planning on a traditional dinner, but after reviewing the menu, we decided we would rather try a handful of their more interesting appetizers than their less than interesting vegetarian dinner options.

We had the following:


  • Nothing complimentary served with our appetizers


  • Spanikopita - here's something you don't see on a sports bar menu everyday. A traditional Greek dish that has become a trendy American appetizer (I think you can buy it frozen in a 10 pound box at most warehouse stores now). Usually prepared small triangles or squares, it's puff pastry with a spinach and feta cheese filling. This spanikopita was more irregularly shaped, so it gave us the impression that it might have been hand made (at least it's not out of the frozen 10 pound box). The filling was a little runnier than normal, almost like a spinach dip, or maybe they didn't drain the spinach well enough. Either way, it wasn't the world's best, but still a nice treat.
  • Cheese Quesadilla - Read the menu closely before you order this otherwise traditional looking dish. This is not your ordinary quesadilla. It is made with smoked Gouda cheese and caramelized onions (also your choice of meat, but the meat free version does come at a lower price, woohoo!) This was fabulous! The smoked Gouda paired with incredibly sweet caramelized onions reminded me of some sort of German preparation (add a few apples and I think it could have been). What a unique dish for a traditional bar. It was still served with salsa and sour cream, strange. I tried it with both, the salsa didn't really do it justice, but the sour cream did add something nice to it. Anyway about it, yum!
  • Crazy Bread - almost like a Greek french bread pizza. This sub roll, cut open and toasted with Greek olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions and garlic was pretty tasty too. We got to this dish last, as we worked through our appetizer smorgasbord, so maybe we would have loved it even more if we weren't starting to feel bloated. It was very tasty. The sub roll is claimed to be fresh baked, and it wasn't bad. I come from the land of Amoroso's rolls, so I am very persnickety about sub rolls. That is one of the secrets, by the way, to making a killer cheese steak, a bad roll can really mess it up.
Just a few other notes:

So why did we skip the dinner entrees? This place has a huge menu (sorry it's not currently online even though the website says it is). There is a chicken page, a steak page, a seafood page, a sandwich page and a pasta page. There is a little box on the pasta page that says "Vegetarian Dishes" and that's it for the whole menu (aside from a garden salad or Greek salad). The pasta dishes were pretty boring; spaghetti, cheese ravioli, an Alfredo dish, etc... with your choice of Marinara or Meat Sauce and added meatballs (just in case the non-vegetarians didn't find what they were looking for on the rest of the menu). There was, however, the option of adding portabellas to any pasta dish or salad for a few extra bucks. I figured there are plenty of Italian restaurants in town so why spend a lot of money on pasta here? Maybe it's great, but I was more enticed by the appetizer choices.

Other choices on the appetizer menu, that we skipped, included the traditional mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, poppers, onion rings, cheese fries, etc... and a few other goodies. The prices on these dishes are not astounding, but I was disappointed there was no appetizer assortment option, so you have to order each one individually and the cost could start to add up if you want a little variety.

Final Thoughts: So here's the deal. If you've been invited to meet some friends here for drinks and football game, you won't have any trouble finding some snacks on the menu to absorb some of the booze. You could even do like we did and make a meal out of appetizers. If you are planning a nice sit down dinner here, be prepared for pasta (or a grilled cheese off the kiddie menu). I'm sure your meat and fish loving friends would dig this place, and you could definitely make do every once in a while.

20 September 2008

Cantone's Southern Italian - Colonial Park

Overall Rating: Save Your Money
Highlight: It could have been worse
Lowlight: We paid way too much for what we got
Veggie Note: There's not a very diverse selection of vegetarian options here, and the default seems to lean towards meaty everything.

This restaurant was recommended to us by several people as a great spot to get some home-cooking style Italian food.

Cantone's is a southern Italian style restaurant off the main drag in the Colonial Park area of Harrisburg. It was actually a little nicer and more comfortable in the dining room than we had anticipated, having come from the land of good, cheap Italian restaurants that tend to skimp on their interior design efforts. We were asked if we had reservations, which we did not, but that didn't prevent us from being seated right away (we just ended up way in the back). There is a bar here, and they had a pretty nice selection of beers on tap (more than just the many varieties of Bud, which all taste like dirty dish water to me). The menu was swimming with super-meaty dishes, which is no surprise considering it's southern Italian style. There were three meatless dishes and then a build your own pasta section.

We had the following:

  • Bread Basket - after ordering our entrees we received a basket of warm Italian bread, crusty on the outside and soft in the center. It was pretty good.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana - comes with a choice of Marinara or Mrs. C's sauce. Mrs. C's sauce is their meat sauce, so obviously I went with the Marinara. Too bad though. It was definitely missing the love that I bet Mrs. C's sauce has in it. It was about as exciting as a jar of Ragu. The fried eggplant slices were okay, they probably were freshly cut and breaded, but there was nothing about them that couldn't have been reproduced from frozen eggplant out of a box. The dish also comes with some spaghetti. It was cooked al dente, but was also pretty boring. I ate about half of this dish and really struggled to decide if I wanted to bother taking the rest home. It didn't take me long to remember that this dish cost me $15 and I darn well better get my money's worth, so I took the rest home to eat later with hopes it would be better the second time around (I ended up eating it for breakfast, being able to be lazy and just reheat leftovers added something to this dish, but not much).
  • Penne Spinaca - This dish was definitely more interesting than the eggplant. The spinach was fresh, not frozen. The sun dried tomatoes may have been a bit too populous, but you can eat around them. It was plenty garlicky and nice. There was nothing special about this pasta either. It definitely looked fancier on the plate than the eggplant did, and it smelled better too.
  • Side Salad - both entrees came with a side salad (Ceaser salad costs $2 extra, not that we would order one due to anchovies usually being in the dressing, but jeez, that's a pretty steep extra fee for something like that). It was just a salad. I opted for the homemade bleu cheese dressing, even though it came wiht an extra 75 cent price tag. It was not worth tacking that extra cost onto the bill. I definitely couldn't tell it was homemade and not mass-produced.
Just a few other notes:

I have had good home-style Italian cooking, at home and in restaurants before. There was nothing particularly wrong with the food here, but it wasn't extra-super special, even though the prices said otherwise. $15 for spaghetti noodles, plain marinara sauce, and some breaded eggplant is astounding. I can get three whole pounds of plain old pasta (with meat) from Pizza Hut for $12.99 (not that I ever would) and that also comes with bread. So what was I paying for here? There was definitely a nice family atmosphere, lots of folks talking, having fun, enjoying a meal together. That's great I guess. And maybe they are really knocking it out of the park with their meat dishes, but those all came priced at $20 or higher.

There was also a vegetarian baked capponatta on the menu. I considered ordering this but I just wasn't in the mood for it's Burgundy Wine Marinara sauce, it seemed to heavy for me by it's description. The build your own pasta section is essentially choose your pasta and choose your sauce for $12-15. Pretty steep again for noodles and sauce. Want to add some veggies? That'll cost you $1 per vegetable (only broccoli and spinach are offered).

You might be able to order some of their other pasta specialties without the meat (there was a lot of ham in many of these dishes) but I would not count on getting a price reduction considering how many you get nickel and dimed to death with "additional costs" for almost everything else.

We had a friend with us who ended not ordering anything at all. Part of that can be attributed to having eaten a ton of rice about an hour earlier at a picnic, but part of that also comes from it just not being worth the money to get what was being offered, and that nothing really jumped off the menu as a spectacular find.

Final Thoughts: There's something about this place that makes people love it, but I don't know what it is. Meat maybe? Atmosphere possibly? I guarantee you it's not the fabulous deals and the great vegetarian dishes, bummer. I doubt we'll be back here.