31 August 2008

The Coliseum (Brunch) - Camp Hill

Overall Rating: Not So Fabulous
Free Games
Dirty plates, sausage in the eggs
Veggie Note:
This is not traditional brunch fare, even if the hostess tells you it is when you call to ask what food is served. There is a very limited selection for vegetarians here.

We went to Sunday Brunch here because we love brunch and because we saw online that it comes with $10 of free game play.

The Coliseum is a restaurant and entertainment complex with several bars, a bowling alley, arcade, etc… On Sunday morning the restaurant there serves brunch exclusively, no ordering from the menu is allowed. After your meal you are given a $10 game play card for the arcade and you can take your receipt to the Maggie Moos ice cream stand for a free treat as well. The restaurant is nice, decorated with race cars and other sports themed accessories. The brunch service area was pretty small on first glance and it proved to be a pretty limited selection once we walked up to serve ourselves. I picked up the top plate from the pile of plates at the end of the table. It was dirty so I set it down to take the next one, it was also dirty so I started to think maybe this was the plate return not the clean plates, but I was wrong. We notified the boy attending the buffet area and he handed us plates from behind the omelet bar. I noticed later that they came out and placed a new stack of plates on top of the ones that were already there. The two I set aside remained sitting next to that pile until we mentioned it to our server and then finally all of the plates disappeared.

We had the following:

  • Omelet Bar The scrambled eggs on the buffet were made with sausage and peppers mixed in, so we went to the omelet bar to get our eggs instead. We had our choice of onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms in garlic (and various meats). The omelet maker, who was also the pasta bar attendant and the meat carver (actually he was the only person working out at the buffet area), was polite and did make an okay omelet. Our friend who joined us for breakfast ordered scrambled eggs from the omelet station and that request was accommodated.
  • French Toastpretty standard, nothing fancy here. There was a pitcher of syrup next to the buffet tray, but no butter was made available anywhere on the buffet. By the way, aside from Danish on another tray, this was the only bread available at this brunch. There were no choices of toast, English muffins, bagels, or other muffins here.
  • Fresh FruitA tray of apples, pineapples, honeydew and cantaloupe was very fresh.
  • Pasta BarA create-your-own pasta bar set-up included just one type of noodles, big fat macaroni noodles, two alfredo sauces and a red sauce, and a few toppings (some veggies and lots of meats). We asked if any other pasta was available and they were able to produce a single serving of some thick spaghetti noodles. It was okay.

Here’s What We Didn’t Have:

  • There were no breakfast potatoes at all. There were some mashed potatoes next to the ribs and chicken in the lunch area of the buffet. They looked like they had some herbs, etc. mixed in, but we didn’t try them.
  • There was no dessert on the buffet; I guess your free Maggie Moos treat was supposed to suffice. We did not have time to go there and get ours, so I don’t know exactly what you get for that, but it was certainly not going to be all you can eat like you usually find on a brunch buffet.
  • Individual Yoplait yogurts were placed next to the fruit; however those do contain gelatin and are therefore not vegetarian.
  • I mentioned before that there was no bread/toast on the buffet either.
  • There was a big bowl of lettuce with sliced onions and tomatoes on top; we did not have any of this un-fancy salad.

Final Thoughts: If you are heading to The Coliseum to play arcade games and have an appetite, then perhaps you could consider this option. The meal was $13.95, so after our $10 in game play, we really only paid $3.95 each before tip. If you are looking for a nice place to have brunch and you don’t care about the arcade, I would highly recommend against this location. This is not a true Sunday Brunch and the vegetarian options are very minimal.


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